Facebook: promotional features and advertising opportunities for a clothing store

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Why do you need social media? What do they give you and what will they bring you? Firstly, it is your online representation, a round-the-clock showcase of your offline stores. Secondly, it is a platform for engaging and communicating, promoting and selling your target audience.
Thirdly, it is an opportunity to go beyond the geographical boundaries of your city and work around the world.
All 3 points DO NOT REQUIRE rental costs from you!

Millions of people “live” and “hang out” on social networks, including your target audience from different cities and different countries, small and large villages.

In addition to sites on a regular computer, there are also mobile devices, gadgets, tablets and smartphones, «in which» people spend a huge amount of time.

As a rule, a VKontakte or Facebook page is open for many CONSTANTLY throughout the day. Someone is looking at something, somewhere, listening, looking … The audience coverage is simply incredibly huge.

Naturally, this audience can and should be monetized. In a word, go to social networks and make sales there.

In the previous article, we worked closely on the topic VKontakte Promotion. This time, we will take apart Facebook bit by bit — another popular social network with an impressive audience.

Right now you will find out:
About what you did not know and have never heard about Facebook.
How to attract new customers and increase sales in FB, taking into account the peculiarities of promoting this particular social network (audience, news feed, content specifics, etc.).
What advertising opportunities Facebook has to offer to a clothing store owner, and how buy facebook post likes.

Mark Zuckerberg considers 2015 to be a very good year for his Facebook. FB is the most popular social network in the world. Until its indicators, the rest of social networks will grow and grow. In 2016, FB is gaining incredible momentum …

Here are the key metrics for the popularity of this network. See what interesting statistics the user activity “poured out” into at the end of 2015:

— number of registered users:> 1.59 billion
— number of daily visitors:> 1 billion
— Number of mobile visitors visiting Facebook:> 827 million

It is also interesting to note the statistics provided by Mark Zuckerberg at the meeting of investors:

> 1 million hours of video viewed on Facebook daily
~ 123 million new events were created on PV in 2015
> 50 million business pages are used to further promote products and services
Check out the power of Facebook with fresh facts about its performance. They were posted online by FB’s vice president of infrastructure — Jay Parkin:

Users give 2.7 billion likes and 300 million uploads of photos DAILY
The system has already registered 125 billion «friendly ties»
In terms of the real value of the uploaded user-generated content (each FB user earns $ 0.3), this social network may be in the TOP of the most expensive companies in the history of mankind.
Facebook is a huge machine that makes money from the natural desire of people to communicate, fulfill themselves and show themselves.

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